Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate Love, Chocolate Truffles, & Chocolate Eternity

This cake was done as an entry in a
Chocolate Wedding Cake Contest at the
Fourth Annual Utah Chocolate Show

The name of this cake is derived from the theme (Chocolate Wedding Cakes=chocolate and love), one of the accents used (chocolate truffles), and the round features of the cake symbolizing Eternity.

Cake consists of three round tiers (8", 12", 16"). Truffles surround middle and top tiers. Stand between middle and top tiers is a glass bowl with chocolate on it. Inside bowl are additional truffles.

Table decor was a part of the contest. Table decor is similar in shades of the cake and include grape vine balls, curly willow branches, glittery long grass, and flowing fabrics.

This close up of the top tier helps to show the cloche topper, made of filigree chocolate in a half sphere. Under the cloche are additional truffles.

Bottom two tiers of this cake can be made from cake, for the contest, chocolate rice crispy treats were used. They were filled and iced with chocolate buttercream. Top tier was a dark chocolate red velvet cake with chocolate marscarpone filling and icing. All tiers were covered with white chocolate fondant and brushed with different luster and pearl dusts.

Base was covered in chocolate fondant and drizzled with chocolate.

Truffles included milk, dark, and white chocolate centers, with nuts, cocoa powders, or sugars to coat.

Cakes would provide 137 party servings or 180 wedding servings.

While this cake was indeed an entry in the contest, there were 21 total entries and only three awards given for all categories judged, as well as one additional Honorable Mention for flavor. All participant cakes were extremely well done and overheard comments for all cakes were very positive.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jennifer's Butterfly Garden

This a two tier cake, white cake with raspberry filling.

Decorated with buttercream icing and sprayed blue and green with buttercream flowers and grass, this cake features wafer paper butterflies.

Butterflies are hand cut and hand "painted" with luster dust.

Close up of painted butterfly.

Close up of cut and painted butterfly.

Close up of top, one "cut" butterfly and one "painted" butterfly on cluster of "hydrangea."

This cake has a 6" tier and an 8" tier and would provide 32 party servings or 36 wedding servings.

Princess Grace's 5th Birthday

This cake was done for a little girl turning five. She was having a princess birthday. Her favorite color is pink, but we used purple too, for contrast.

Cake was white with buttercream and raspberry filling, covered in marshmallow fondant. Decorations (stripes, pearls, bow are fondant; dots on pink quilting and writing are buttercream).

On the top of the cake are "jewels" made of hard strawberry candy, attached with buttercream.

Tiara is purchased (because birthday girl wanted to wear as opposed to eat the tiara) but could be recreated out of fondant or gumpaste and hard candy jewels.

Party cake serves 40 (6" tier, 8" tier). Similar size wedding cake serves 50.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pirate Princess Cake for Sweet Sixteen

Cake for sweet sixteen party where the theme was Pirate Princess. Black, white and pink reigned supreme. Cake is whimsical topsy-turvy cake.
Top tier is marbled chocolate and white cake with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla butter cream under fondant. Middle tier is white cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. Bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling and icing.

All three tiers are covered in vanilla marshmallow fondant with fondant decor including hand cut skulls and crossbones, flowers, stripes, dots, rope, etc. Borders are fondant as well. Bows on skulls are royal icing as is the anchor. Flowers are wafer paper and fondant/gumpaste. There are some accents with luster dust.

There were also twenty-four marbled cupcakes with buttercream icing and royal icing anchors and bows.

Also provided were giant lollipops decorated to match the theme with party guests names as well. Decorations are in royal icing.

Additional lollipops (orange one for her brother--that's why it's less girly).

Cake would provide servings as follows:
top tier--16 servings
middle tier--20-24 servings
bottom tier--36 servings
cupcakes--24 servings

Cakes are approximately six inches tall but their diameters vary as they are whimsical so they are wider at top of tier than at the bottom of the tier. So the number of servings may vary.

Wursten-Caldwell Wedding

Wedding cake for a friend, who promised me more than ten years ago I could make her wedding cake when she got married. I finally got to do it.

Three tiers of white cake with buttercream icing, tiers are six inches, nine inches and twelve inches. Cake has scrolls, dots and fleur de lies for decor.

This cake would provide 88 wedding size serving (excluding top tier--100 including top tier). If they were served as party size servings there would be 64 (without top), 76 including top.

Topper was provided by bride.

Pirate Cake

Corwyn hugged me when I delivered his cake. He even said it was better then a Pirates of the Caribbean cake he had seen at the store.

Chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream icings, graham cracker crumb/brown sugar sand, blue piping gel water, pretzel and royal icing palm trees, graham cracker/pretzel/chocolate icing ships, royal icing skull and crossbones, fruit roll 'X', details for treasure chest are below.

Treasure chest is chocolate cake, iced in chocolate with hard candy gems in spearmint, watermelon, raspberry, cherry, and orange flavors; chocolate "gold coins" and some plastic bead lengths.

This cake would provide 72 party size servings.

Cowboy Birthday

This cake was for a sweet boy turning five. His name is Devyn. He was having a cowboy themed birthday part and his mom wanted a cute cowboy for her little boy.

A half sheet size chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream icings. Everything is edible, even the chocolate "rocks".

This a view of the side, with wooden posts and barb wire.

This a close-up of the corner with a cute little sheriff badge.

This cake will provide 72 party size servings.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Groom's Cake

Originally, this was supposed to have been the groom's cake to accompany the Dalsing-Cieslak wedding cake. However, since the couple was leaving the next day, we decided it would be better for them to come home to, so they could enjoy it.

An "Ice Cream" cake, the cake itself was chocolate fudge. Inside was creamy strawberry ice cream. Iced in whipped chocolate ganache, with a chocolate buttercream border, the most dazzling feature are the decked out strawberries.

Strawberries are dipped in white and brown chocolate to resemble little tuxedos. Their adorable buttons and bow ties are hand painted. They are ready for any formal affair.

This cake would provide 8-12 servings depending on portion size. Strawberries can be served with cake or eaten alone...

Tony B's Gibson SG Special in Emerald Green aka Electric Guitar

This cake was for a young man turning 20 who plays guitar in a band. He works with James at the Tire Shop.

Cake was a triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate mousse fillings. Iced and decorated in buttercream with a fondant piece painted with luster dust to give it a shiny appearance.

Baked in the shape of a guitar, this cake would likely provide 12-15 servings (or in the case of the boys at the shop, 6-8--it all depends on the size).

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bright Teen Birthday

A tiered cake, with "urban camoflage" in pink, purple, and blue. It has bright buttercream flowers and a funky border. The 10" round and 8" round layers would provide 48 party sized servings. This cake was white with buttercream filling.

Hannah Montana

Recent Disney smash sensation, Hannah Montana, is really big among young girls right now. This cake for a young girl was a simple white cake with buttercream icing. An 11"x15" cake, at 2" high, this would provide around 30 servings as they would need to be a little larger than trditional party-sized servings.

Bunch o' Bananas

Fun cake for an adult, from a group. This "bunch" of bananas is decorated in buttercream. The sign shown is a simple paper sign, but could be made in sugar paste (with enough notice). It's a 12" round with another layer to help create the bananas. It would likely provide around 40 party size servings.

Tow Mater

Cute cake for someone in love with Disney's Cars. This is an 11"x15" cake and would provide around 28 servings. This cake is only 2" high, therefore, pieces would need to be cut larger than traditional party servings. It is iced in buttercream.

Nurse Birthday

This cute nurse cake is 4" high, was white cake with buttercream icing and filling. This cake would likely serve up to 30 party servings.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dalsing-Cieslak Wedding

This cake is a 14" base, and the upper tier is 12". The cakes are marbled white and chocolate fudge. There is buttercream and raspberry filling. The icing is butter cream. The fountain has water which could be colored to match the other colors.

This is a close up of the top, an initial "C" and a blown glass figurine of the Mt. Timpanogos (American Fork) LDS Temple (where the couple was wed).

The flowers are all handmade of sugar paste. They include rosebuds, medium roses, and large roses in the raspberry pink and red shades. Some of the buds and medium roses have edges painted with luster dust. The baby's breath and leaves are also handmade from sugar paste.

This cake will serve 134 wedding size servings or 103 party size servings.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Silly Sunflower (Topsy-Turvey or Whimsical Cake)

This cake is a topsy-turvey or whimsical cake done for a competition at the Salt Lake County Fair. It is three tiers, 10", 8", and 6".

The cake layers are top and bottom German Chocolate with homemade coconut-pecan filling. Middle layer is coconut cake with creamy coconut filling. The chocolate tiers have chocolate buttercream outer and some chocolate fudge icing in layers. Middle tier has a vanilla-coconut buttercream. All Tiers have marshmallow fondant, with fondant d├ęcor.

Cake will provide 60 party servings. A similar topsy-turvey style would provide 62 Wedding size servings.

Oh, and the cake received a Second Place Ribbon!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tim & Christy's Garden

Three tiers on a floating cake stand, filled with an array of royal icing flowers! Includes a diagonal half-basketweave. Also has sweet hearts in smooth space.

Bottom tier is a rice crispy "cake" with buttercream and raspberry filling. Middle and top tiers are white cake with buttercream and raspberry filling.

Flowers include hydrangeas, roses, primroses, apple blossoms, violets, and drop flowers.
A small alien was included (hidden) especially for the groom.

Cake serves 116 wedding servings.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Having a Ball!

Alec's Having a Ball!!!

"Basketball" is 9"round.
"Soccer ball" is 8" dome.
"Baseball" is 5" dome.

All are iced in buttercream.

Will serve 48 party servings.


McKenna's WILD Birthday

This is an 11" x 15" white cake with buttercream filling.
Iced in green buttercream the embellishments are palm trees with royal icing leaves and pretzel rod tree trunks. Then the Wild animals, elephants, lions, tigers, and zebras, are candy melts. These are formed and then hand decorated--they are E-D-I-B-L-E!!!

This cake will serve 50-55 party servings--as well as a few candy treats!!

Sand Castle at the Beach Party

Eliza's 5th Birthday Sand Castle Cake for her beach party.

The bottom layer is a 12" square, the top layer is a 6" square. They are iced in an ivory/sand/tan colored buttercream. They have applied "sand" (made from graham cracker crumbs and light brown sugar). The towers are fondant covered, with the applied "sand." The towers are from Wilton's Romantic Castle Cake Set. There are white chocolate* pieces like shells, crabs and a cute pair of sunglasses.** The cake is chocolate with raspberry filling.

This cake will provide 60 party servings.

*Made from Wilton Candy Melts®
**Not recommended for outdoor parties or parties where the ambient temperature is much over 70°F