Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alicia and Michael's Pastel Snowflakes

Three tiers, iced in snow white buttercream.

Beautiful snowflakes made with royal icing grace the cake. Colored in soft, mint green and baby pink, the snowflakes cover the cake in a variety of ways. Full size snowflakes on sticks adorn the top in a cluster of falling flakes. Three-quarter snowflakes are perched on the edges of each tier. Half snowflakes surround the bottom border on a glass plate.

This cake with it's 6", 8", and 10" round tiers would provide 60 party size servings or 74 wedding size servings.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pirate's treasure

I am not certain how many times I have made this pirate's cake, but each time it seems like the recipient is super happy with the results. This time, it was for Janet!

Moooo-You're Twooo!

 Donna has always loved all kinds of animals, but when she was two, she really loved cows... Lucky for her, grandma came to see her for her birthday and grandma made her this adorable cow cake!

Donna Hits First Base, well at least her first year

When my niece was a year old, she loved sitting with her daddy and cheering on the Colorado Rockies...

We had an ice cream cake for the adults, with HOMEMADE strawberry ice cream (when we go pink, we go all out). It's iced with pink whipped cream and the stitches are red piping gel.

Donna had her very own smash cake, sans ice cream, but still with the whipped cream icing and gel stitches.  Cute birthday bear candle on top.

We had left over batter and made some cupcakes to go with, here is big brother RJ enjoying one... Best big brother ever!

Tinkerbell for Donna

 First, Aunt B made invitations for Donna's party. If you hadn't guessed, Donna is pretty girly...

 So it only stands to reason that she should also have a sweet Tinkerbells cake to go with the invites. Done in buttercream, with a little added sparkle on Tink's wings (you have to have fairy dust in order to fly). This was enjoyed by the birthday girl and all of her party goers.

B-Jo's Mardi Gras Birthday!

 For my birthday one year, mom made me a Mardi Gras birthday cake! She even hid a baby inside... Not exactly a King Cake, but fit for a Queen!

Joe & Linda First Anniversary Cake

This is very similar to Joe and Linda's wedding cake. Rather than save a cake top, in the freezer, for a WHOLE year, why not have a replica made, that will taste oh so much better?

Buttercream icing basketweave and royal icing flowers in pretty shades of yellow, peach, and leaf green.

Flowers include daffodils, apple blossoms, daisies, rose buds, wild roses, and little simple five-petal blossoms... an 8" round cake.

This cake would provide 20 party size servings or 24 wedding size servings.