Saturday, April 11, 2009

David's and Amber's Spring Wedding Festival

Although Spring had been a bit delayed this year, with snow falling just last week, this beautiful festive wedding cake makes any dark clouds melt away and the sun shine brightly through.

The couple had beautiful bright wedding colors; varying hues of oranges and yellows; from the very darkest to the fairest pastels. They chose to do a 3 tier stacked cake; 14", 10" and 6", with flavors as varied as their colors. The largest tier was white with a strawberry filling, the middle tier was chocolate fudge with a chocolate Bavarian filling and the top tier was orange with a vanilla cream filling. All tiers were covered with white buttercream icing.

The bottom tier was accented with criss-crossed lines while the middle tier had just simple dots. The top tier was laden with cornelli lace to resemble a doily laid on the cake beneath the couple's topper of a loving young couple. Top and bottom borders on all tiers was done with a reverse shell pattern in a 3 color stripe using the varying shades of the wedding colors from top to bottom.

The cake was pretty before the final fresh flowers were added and could have easily stood just as it was.

The final fresh flowers were added to start from the rear of the cake topper and cascade in a swirling pattern down the front of the cake also going from smaller flowers in more pastel shades to larger flowers in darker shades.