Friday, April 13, 2007

Courtney Daisy

This three tiered floating cake was for a couple sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Their cake topper was a glass figurine of the Salt Lake Temple. Each layer is covered with buttercream icing, fondant daisies, and stringwork.

The top layer has lavender sides. It is traditional white cake with raspberry filling.
The middle layer has yellow sides. It is also traditional white cake with raspberry filling.
The bottom layer has sky blue sides. It is a rice krispy cake with butter cream and raspberry filling.

This cake would provide 104 wedding servings or 92 party servings.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Smith Wedding--Joe and Linda

This cake has buttercream basketweave with royal icing flowers. The trio of colors for the wedding is green, peach and yellow.
It was an early June wedding and a pretty flower garden fit so well. The flowers include daisies, apple blossoms, wildfloers, and rosebuds.
The topper is an acrylic frame with scrapbook paper in the coordinating colors with a silver wedding themed rub-on with the bride and grooms names.
This cake would provide 24 wedding servings and 22 party servings.

Cowley-Bennett Wedding

This was a small wedding cake for a couple whose main service for guests was a chocolate fountain. So they did not wish to have a large cake.

The squares are offset and covered with ivory buttercream. The ribbon is chocolate fondant, with a chocolate fondant bow.

Topper was to be provided by the bride, however, an arrangement of flowers was required to cover the top.

This cake would provide 72 wedding servings and 60 party servings.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aircraft Carrier Birthday

This was a sculpted cake done for B-Jo's husband James for his 30th birthday (a big milestone for a CF patient).

This cake served 50+.

Beginning Photo is from the top. Second photo is from the port side. Next photo is the aft view of the stern. Next to last photo is the forward view of the bow. Last photo is another view of the bow.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Peay Wedding: Rachel and Daryl

This cake Was actually mostly "dummy" cake. In other words the layers are made from styrofoam, as opposed to cake. The bottom three layers were made with styrofoam with the top layer being made of cake. We actually made two top layers because they were having two receptions in two different locations. They needed cake they could cut into for each reception. The bride chose the colors and explained what she wanted. We ran with it from there and she was well pleased!

The bottom layer is a 12-inch square covered in purple fondant with hot pink flower cut outs in two sizes. The next layer is a 10-inch square covered with a light yellow fondant, with darker yellow stripes. The second to the top layer is an 8-inch square covered with light pink fondant with dark purple circle cutouts in various sizes. The top layer is a 6-inch square, covered in orange fondant with dark orange Monogram letters, D, P, and R on the front and back; and P on the sides. The monograms are done in color flow. Bride provided cake topper of silk flowers.

If done in cake this would provide 154 wedding servings and 110 party servings.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gally-Aalders Wedding

This is a wedding cake in three tiers, bottom is 14-inch square, second tier is 10-inch round, top tier is 6-inch round. It is decorated with dark green swirl flowers arranged to appear as ivy and red roses of varying sizes. They forgot to bring the top, so we did a make-shift top as best we could while we were there.
Guests of the wedding who had the cake were well pleased with the cake in both appearance and in flavor. The mother of the bride was a student of B-Jo's but due to an injury was unable to make her daughter's cake. B-Jo did not want the girl to have just some ol' store bought cake, so she offered to make the cake at the same price as the store had quoted. The customer was very pleased with the outcome.
This cake provided 136 wedding servings. If this were used for a party cake it would provide 103 party servings. The cakes were white cakes with buttercream icing and raspberry filling.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Welcome, Welcome!

Hi Everyone, B-Jo and I are going to try to start a new venture. We have pondered this for awhile now and decided to use this blog to test the waters a bit and use information from it to possibly build on. We dabble in making cakes as many of our friends and family already know and have taught cake decorating classes in the past. We would love to be able to provide other desserts and pasteries, theme cakes with full party planning and specialty candies and chocolates on an individual order basis and actually make some profit. (It is hard to profit from something you really love to do, it is much more fun to share, but it would be nice. Big Grin) We hope you will provide input about what kinds of the things mentioned you would love to have or do, but just don't have the time, energy, talent or clue where to start. We are looking forward to reading your comments. Blog On!!!!