Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate Love, Chocolate Truffles, & Chocolate Eternity

This cake was done as an entry in a
Chocolate Wedding Cake Contest at the
Fourth Annual Utah Chocolate Show

The name of this cake is derived from the theme (Chocolate Wedding Cakes=chocolate and love), one of the accents used (chocolate truffles), and the round features of the cake symbolizing Eternity.

Cake consists of three round tiers (8", 12", 16"). Truffles surround middle and top tiers. Stand between middle and top tiers is a glass bowl with chocolate on it. Inside bowl are additional truffles.

Table decor was a part of the contest. Table decor is similar in shades of the cake and include grape vine balls, curly willow branches, glittery long grass, and flowing fabrics.

This close up of the top tier helps to show the cloche topper, made of filigree chocolate in a half sphere. Under the cloche are additional truffles.

Bottom two tiers of this cake can be made from cake, for the contest, chocolate rice crispy treats were used. They were filled and iced with chocolate buttercream. Top tier was a dark chocolate red velvet cake with chocolate marscarpone filling and icing. All tiers were covered with white chocolate fondant and brushed with different luster and pearl dusts.

Base was covered in chocolate fondant and drizzled with chocolate.

Truffles included milk, dark, and white chocolate centers, with nuts, cocoa powders, or sugars to coat.

Cakes would provide 137 party servings or 180 wedding servings.

While this cake was indeed an entry in the contest, there were 21 total entries and only three awards given for all categories judged, as well as one additional Honorable Mention for flavor. All participant cakes were extremely well done and overheard comments for all cakes were very positive.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jennifer's Butterfly Garden

This a two tier cake, white cake with raspberry filling.

Decorated with buttercream icing and sprayed blue and green with buttercream flowers and grass, this cake features wafer paper butterflies.

Butterflies are hand cut and hand "painted" with luster dust.

Close up of painted butterfly.

Close up of cut and painted butterfly.

Close up of top, one "cut" butterfly and one "painted" butterfly on cluster of "hydrangea."

This cake has a 6" tier and an 8" tier and would provide 32 party servings or 36 wedding servings.

Princess Grace's 5th Birthday

This cake was done for a little girl turning five. She was having a princess birthday. Her favorite color is pink, but we used purple too, for contrast.

Cake was white with buttercream and raspberry filling, covered in marshmallow fondant. Decorations (stripes, pearls, bow are fondant; dots on pink quilting and writing are buttercream).

On the top of the cake are "jewels" made of hard strawberry candy, attached with buttercream.

Tiara is purchased (because birthday girl wanted to wear as opposed to eat the tiara) but could be recreated out of fondant or gumpaste and hard candy jewels.

Party cake serves 40 (6" tier, 8" tier). Similar size wedding cake serves 50.