Saturday, May 23, 2009

Melissa & Scott's Fairy Tale Castle

Melissa and Scott had previously eloped much to the dismay of family and friends, so they agreed to have a small renewal type cermony with a BIG reception!!!! Melissa's dream of a fairy tale wedding began with lovely shades of pink adorning a castle wedding cake fit for a princess bride and her handsome knight in shing armor groom.

The cake had a 16" 2-layer base of luscious chocolate fudge cake, filled with silky smooth Bavarian Creme. The castle entrance is on the 2-layer, 12" hexagonal scrumptuous spice cake with cream cheese filling. At each cormer of the hexagon is a romantic tower, trellised with delicate and lovely flowers in shades of pink and white. Flowers also border each layer and grace the windows and the spired entrance arch.

The pinnacle towers sit atop a 2-layer, 6", gluten free cake (especially for the groom) and filled with raspberry filling.

Additionally, Melissa requested 250 cupcakes in the flavors of chocolate fudge, spice, white and yellow for her kingdom's guests to enjoy. All were topped with fluffy swirls of the same white buttercream icing as the castle cake and tiny pink and white flowers (seen at bottom left of last photo.)

All in all the kingdom greatly enjoyed this spectacular cake and Melissa and Scott were delighted with this bit of "Happily Ever After!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Megan & Chris--Strawberries in Blue

Three tiers of white cake with different fillings in the tiers (strawberry in the top and bottom, chocolate Bavarian Cream in the middle), covered in buttercream and white chocolate marshmallow fondant.

Megan and Chris chose Navy blue, light blue, white and silver to adorn their cake as well as tasty in-season strawberries and quaint strawberry plant blossoms and leaves made from sugar paste.

The top has a towering tree of strawberries, graced with strawberry leaves and strawberry blossoms made from sugar paste.

The middle tier was separated from the top with 9" crystal-look pillars and had an arrangement of strawberries, sugar paste leaves and blossoms, and a cute little motorcycle (which the bride really wants) tucked in amongst them.

On the fondant, we put a fondant ribbon border, and painted on designs with luster dusts in Moonstone silver, Sapphire Blue, and Silver.

The bride, groom, parents, and other family members were thrilled with the cake both in appearance and taste.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

David's and Amber's Spring Wedding Festival

Although Spring had been a bit delayed this year, with snow falling just last week, this beautiful festive wedding cake makes any dark clouds melt away and the sun shine brightly through.

The couple had beautiful bright wedding colors; varying hues of oranges and yellows; from the very darkest to the fairest pastels. They chose to do a 3 tier stacked cake; 14", 10" and 6", with flavors as varied as their colors. The largest tier was white with a strawberry filling, the middle tier was chocolate fudge with a chocolate Bavarian filling and the top tier was orange with a vanilla cream filling. All tiers were covered with white buttercream icing.

The bottom tier was accented with criss-crossed lines while the middle tier had just simple dots. The top tier was laden with cornelli lace to resemble a doily laid on the cake beneath the couple's topper of a loving young couple. Top and bottom borders on all tiers was done with a reverse shell pattern in a 3 color stripe using the varying shades of the wedding colors from top to bottom.

The cake was pretty before the final fresh flowers were added and could have easily stood just as it was.

The final fresh flowers were added to start from the rear of the cake topper and cascade in a swirling pattern down the front of the cake also going from smaller flowers in more pastel shades to larger flowers in darker shades.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keera and Eric--Gerbera Daisies and Tiny Blue Flowers

Keera and Eric had brown and turquoise for their wedding colors and had chosen a tiered cake with little turquoise sugarpaste flowers and a brown fondant ribbon as the borders for the cakes and sugarpaste, white gerbera daisies with brown centers. Cakes were covered in white marshmallow fondant. Bottom two cakes were rice crispy cake. Other tiers were white cake with buttercream icing under the fondant.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anniversary Cake--McKayla

McKayla didn't have a chance to get her anniversary cake on her first anniversary, so she opted to get one for her second anniversary.

While this cake top is not "exactly" like their wedding cake, it is actually better, there are roses on the top and it is done in buttercream. The roses and leaves are in buttercream. The cake is iced in buttercream as well.

The original cake had swirl, drop flowers in dark green with black centers and were placed to resemble ivy. The original cake also had red, buttercream roses.

Hayley and Cal--Western Luau

Hayley and Cal wanted a wedding cake to tie into their western luau reception.

With a square base cake and two additional paisley tiers; the flowers include royal icing, navy blue apple blossoms and gold, sugar paste daisies, with white centers. Also there are darling royal icing ladybugs.

The bottom square tier has a brown, fondant ribbon around the bottom. The middle paisley tier has a navy, fondant ribbon around the tier. The top paisley tier has a tan, fondant rope border made into a lasso, and trailing down the cake and coiling on the square tier.

There are also sugar paste leaves included in the "lei" on the top tier.

The cakes are red velvet cake, with cream cheese icing, and are covered in marshmallow fondant.

Hayley is represented by the navy blue, polka dotted flip-flops and Cal by the rustic cowboy boots. Both are edible--the flip-flops from molded white chocolate, the boots from molded sugar paste. There is even a ladybug hiding in one of the boots.

Table decorations include daisies and tulle in matching colors.

They also had a sheet cake, portioned into servings, with an apple blossom on each serving. Some of the servings had a ladybug on them as well. The leaves are buttercream, as is the brown shell border.